It doesn’t happen every day to get married. So the organization of each detail, from the ceremony to the wedding reception, requires great care, time and attention. Your wedding day must be unique, exactly as unique and handcrafted are the fabric flowers that we create for bridal and bridesmaid dresses, for their hairstyles, for the bouquets and for the wedding ring pillows.

Each creation is designed according to the dress and the bride: her style, her wishes, her colors or inspirations. In a such important day, details make the difference. The fabric flowers designed for wedding dresses, in fact, can be completely customized and made with the same fabrics as the dress in order to give harmony, color and material consistency, refinement and elegance.

We can create single fabric flowers for the wedding dress or delicate and refined ramages with stems and leaves that gently caress the dress, as real little branches. We can create also little flowers and single petals to be sewed to the dress fabric in order to create precious embroideries or floral embellishments for the hairstyles of the bride and of her guests.

Any creation can be handmade in any material, from satin to silk organza, from silk crêpe to lace and tulle; Swarovski, beads or feathers can also be added in order to transform the fabric flowers on the wedding dress or on the bridal hairstyle in a precious jewel, a detail that makes unique, original and bespoke any dress and ceremony.

Our fabric flowers bloom from creativity, study and manual skills: thanks to the ancient techniques of the tradition, we can dye petals and leaves and combine the most disparate materials in order to obtain natural and refined effects.

We develop the idea of ​​fabric flowers for wedding dresses from any suggestion: a photo, an outfit, a sketch or simply from written indications.

The fabric flowers we create for wedding dresses bloom from our hands petal by petal, fed by the light of a wonderful, unique and unrepeatable day, just like every handmade creation.

She dressed herself in the wedding dress, as a flower would wear its petals.
And every silk and satin seemed to be in the only place where they had to be.
It was all just perfect.- Fabrizio Caramagna