Our work takes place in the context of handmade: we are an artisan team that make fabric flowers by the ancient tools and the s traditional techniques.

Keeping alive the precious know-how of this centuries-old art and combining it with the contemporary taste and research is the goal that animates us and that brought me to this fascinating work which I met during my training and in the first years of my work experience in the theater field.


The importance of training as a craftsman

At the beginning, musical studies and the strong passion for Opera and Ballet brought me to study set and costume design, first at the Brera Academy and then at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

Moving from school desks to the backstage and to specialized workrooms, I was fascinated, more than by the tailoring techniques, by the sparkling decorations and the precious accessories which give magic to the costumes and tell us about old times and the skilled hands that made them. 

So, among fabrics, embroideries, feathers and silk flowers I understood that decoration and craftsmanship had to be my job; in particular, I was fascinated by silk flower art which I met, almost by chance, thanks to the Millinery: it was love at first sight.

Millinery tools, antique molds with burnt handles able of reproducing all kinds of petals and leaves, stiffened fabrics, pistils of all shapes and colors became my daily bread and my collector’s items as I gradually refined the techniques of this Art by working for millinery’s shops and specialized workrooms before going freelance.

Today, in the Atelier, I share my passion with other skilled hands that, together with mine, constantly repeat every day the same meticulous gestures of Tradition, putting their know-how at the service of Haute Couture and of Designers’ creativity.

We make flowers and embellishments for many Brands, Theaters, Bridal Ateliers and Millinery’shops in Italy and abroad.

The most beautiful moment in our work as artisans is when flowers blossom from our hands with their petals, shades and beauty that, until then, were only in our thoughts and in those of our Customers.