My work takes place in the context of handmade: I am a craftsman who handmakes fabric flowers through the traditional ancient tools and his creativity.

During high school, Humanities and Music brought me closer to the world of theatre. So, after graduation, I studied Set and Costumes Design, obtaining Bachelor’s degrees at the Fine Arts Academy in Genoa (Bachelor’s Degree in Set Design) and then at the Brera Academy in Milan (Specialist Degree in Costume Design); then I improved the tailoring techniques at the Teatro alla Scala Academy (Costume Technicians Course), with which I collaborate now as a teacher.


Handmade craftsman of fabric flowers

The importance of field training as a craftsman

I lived numerous training and professional experiences in the theater field, which provided me a solid artistic knowhow and led me to understand my path: the handmade craftsmanship.

I specialized in Decoration and, in particular, in the floral fabric art, of which I refined the techniques working for various millineries and specialized laboratories, to then undertake the private practice.

I create fabric flowers for Haute Couture Maisons, for the same Teatro alla Scala, for various Bridal Ateliers, Boutiques and Millineries in Italy.

The best moment in my crafts work is when the flower, that so far had been only in my mind and in that of the costumer, blossoms from my hands with its petals, its shades, its folds and the light it gives to the wearer.