My background as fabric flower artist has deep roots in the theatre field and, in particular, in stage costume embellishment.

The passion for music led me to study Set and Costume Design: in fact I have obtained Bachelor’s degrees in this branch of study at the Brera Academy in Milan, so I have improved the tailoring techniques at the Teatro alla Scala Academy.

Then I lived many work experiences in the theater field close to costume designers, creating my solid knowhow my artisanal world feeds on theatre, Ballet and Opera.

Fabric flowers embellishments for stage costumes

We create fabric flowers and other kind of decorations for any stage costume, in particular, for Ballet and Opera costumes. It is a wonderful world, made of stories and music, ancient inspirations and dreamy Eras, which transform the costume itself into an authentic show. Large and sumptuous costumes or graceful and sensual veils become even more precious and able to tell stories through completely handmade floral decorations.

From time to time we use the most suitable fabrics and decorations to develop the style of the costume and to satisfy the requests of the costume designer, in terms of historical period, shapes, dimensions, colors and materials. Petals and leaves made in silk, velvet, gauze and tulle are hand-dyed in the most varied shades, folded by the traditional tools warmed on the fire and then assembled, one by one, according to naturalistic forms or creative inspirations.

Flowers and branches adorn on stage the wide crinolines of the nineteenth-century ladies, the graceful tutus and the precious hairstyles of the dancers, where the flower combines with crystals, precious stones, laces, embroideries and feathers.

Our creations are unique and original, made to measure and completely bespoke to adorn characters on stage and to create a show of sure suggestion, atmosphere and success.

- Prendete questo fiore…
- Perché?
- Per riportarlo…
- Quando?
- Quando sarà appassito.
- O Ciel! Domani!
- Ebben…domani!
(F. M. Piave “LA TRAVIATA” – G. Verdi)