Haute Couture follows its seasons, exactly like flowers, but fabric flower embellishments never fade.

I make all kind of fabric flower decorations for Haute Couture gowns. I collaborate with many Ateliers, whose need is to create classy dresses, rich in elegance and style.

Fabric flowers allow to give dynamism to the simplest dress, to give it spirit or romanticism, taking part in it and constituting a set of fabric, poetry, passion for Haute Couture.

Dress decorations, brooches, accessories

High fashion has no limits: inspirations can always be renewed and they can follow the creativity of the designer, the suggestions of the period or nature with the colors and shapes that it suggests us.

I can create all kind of fabric flower decoration for Haute Couture: small flowers and single petals to be sewed to the dress fabric in order to create precious embroideries; brooches of various shapes and materials; accessories created to serve the dress and complete it.

Details, in fact, dictate the mood, the shapes and the nuances.

The art of fabric flowers for Haute Couture

I create fabric flowers for Haute Couture from any sketch or description given to me, in order to provide a completely bespoke accessory according to the latest fashion trends. The attention to tailoring details guides every step of my work, completely manual and artisanal.

I use silk and other natural fabrics, but also felt, leather, straw and any material suggested or provided me directly by the designer : petals and leaves are hand-dyed in various shades, folded by the traditional tools warmed on the fire and then assembled, one by one, according to naturalistic forms or creative inspirations.

Brooches, decorations and accessories bloom from my hands: the flower, from absolute protagonist, combines from time to time with crystals, precious stones, laces, embroideries and feathers. My creations are exclusive and original, made to measure and bespoke in each phase: they are the result of Italian craftsmanship, handmade with top quality fabrics and materials.

The most daring combinations manage to make materials and shapes sing. - Krizia